Make Me Win was born through an encounter between e-commerce expertise and advertizer support.

With 16 years in Click & Store e-business, Dominique was able to accumulate a large variety of tools developed internally, enabling him to address business development needs in very competitive sectors, where margins are small and where the tools available on the market are often too expensive and not efficient enough to face increasing sales volumes and cross-channel client paths that are more and more unpredictable.

As Business Unit director of an affiliation platform and later on in consultancy, Sergio has accompanied dozens of advertizers with their needs in terms of digitalization and acquisition, in sectors going from clothing-retail to automotive parts.

After successful collaboration and a shared ROI-mindset, the idea of generalizing the fruit of their long years of test & error learning blossomed.

Thus, Sergio spent 2 years standardizing the tools and processes which each had developed and enhanced during past experiences – Make Me Win was born.

  • Sergio MONTOYA
    Sergio MONTOYA Founder & CEO

    With ROI at heart, he takes his first decisive steps in 2006 with online market research. He continues his path in performance marketing, before joining Yakarouler as CDO.

  • Dominique WROBLEWSKI
    Dominique WROBLEWSKI Co-Founder & PARTNER

    A serial entrepreneur and e-commerce pioneer with a first online sales website created in 1996. Dominique was for instance General Director and founder of and

  • Romain NORBERG
    Romain NORBERG Lead Developer

    Romain knows perfectly the problems of inscresing loads, data security etc … related to the e-commerce activity. He is responsible for the “last-mile data” and ensures the delivery of Smart Copilot’ “killer-features”.

  • Ilias BAYEZ
    Ilias BAYEZ Happy Analyst

    Ilias, graduated in “Strat & Com” from ESUPCOM Reims, his mission is looking for killer-details to optimize tracking results. He is in charge of  dataQuality. He finds out any anomalies and makes the customer data more reliable.



The “BigBoss Winter Edition 2018” has been organized in for Val Thorens for a weekend. For the 11th opus, 350 e-commerce and digital leaders as well as 100 sponsor-service providers met from November 30 to December 2 for a friendly, festive and even disruptive networking moment in the BtoB event model.
At the BigBoss Idols, sponsors have the opportunity to present their activity in front of a jury of 32 big bosses through a 1 minute video shifted.
Make Me Win won for 2nd time – Summer / Winter – after only 3 participations, the jury award of the BigBoss Idol.

Make Me Win has decided to take up the challenge of “renewal”: how to do better (or as well) with the same budget, after a successful operation? – Crossing very good past figures, can be anxiety – “how are we going to do this year?” Naturally, one would be tempted by the bidding of the promotion or the budget increase. Or refuse the fight by agreeing to lose, before the battle.

The position adopted for this new challenge is the anticipation. You can be lucky once, but not 2. So you have to take the time to anticipate with no stress. A “black Friday” cannot be prepared 1 week before, but maybe the day after the end of the previous one.

Make Me Win started working the day after the Winter Award, and naturally the idea of the “granny” has sprouted, to give a wink to the previous video with a child, 82 years younger. 6 months of anticipation ….


Greece was the scene of the “BigBoss Summer Edition 2018” for a weekend. For the 10th opus, 270 e-commerce and digital leaders as well as 252 sponsor-service providers came together from June 1st to 3rd for a convivial, festive and even disruptive networking moment in the BtoB event model.

At BigBoss Idols, sponsors have the opportunity to present their activity in front of a jury of 32 big bosses through a 1 minute video shifted.

And for the first time after just two participations, Make Me Win won the BigBoss Idol Creative Award.

Make Me Win has decided to put itself in the shoes of a brand, which is often faced with the same dilemma: “how to innovate and get results with limited resources”. In this case, no algorithm or AI can replace the creativity that each of us has in him. In our previous videos, Make Me Win has been able to test things. These attempts all had something in common: the same production budget.

Make Me Win has also worked with the same #NonStopProd video production partner with whom we share successes as well as chess. As you will have understood, this post is summarized in 5 elements: 1 / perseverance 2 / accept mistakes 3 / a strong partnership in good and bad moments 4 / same budget whatever is the idea 5 / focus on the essential: the emotion in the message you deliver …

Who better than an advertiser to talk to another advertiser?

They trust us…