Manildra Group Enterprise Agreement

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Manildra Group Enterprise Agreement: What You Need to Know

The Manildra Group is a leading Australian agribusiness company that specializes in the manufacturing and distribution of food and industrial products. The company has a strong commitment to employees` welfare, which is evident from its enterprise agreement.

An enterprise agreement is a written agreement between an employer and its employees that sets out the terms and conditions of employment. It outlines the minimum wages, working conditions, and other benefits that employees are entitled to.

The Manildra Group Enterprise Agreement 2019-2024 covers all employees of the company, including full-time, part-time, and casual employees. The agreement is in force until June 30, 2024.

The key features of the enterprise agreement include:

1. Wages and Salaries

Under the agreement, employees are entitled to a minimum wage that is above the national minimum wage. The minimum wage increases each year, and the current minimum wage is $22.49 per hour for full-time employees.

2. Leave Entitlements

The enterprise agreement provides for various types of leave, including annual leave, personal/carer`s leave, compassionate leave, and parental leave. The amount of leave an employee is entitled to depends on their length of service.

3. Working Hours

The enterprise agreement sets out the standard working hours for each employee. Full-time employees work an average of 38 hours per week, while part-time employees work a specified number of hours each week.

4. Performance Reviews

The enterprise agreement requires the company to conduct regular performance reviews for all employees. The reviews aim to assess the employee`s performance, identify areas of improvement, and provide feedback to help them achieve their full potential.

5. Health and Safety

The Manildra Group is committed to providing a safe and healthy work environment for all employees. The enterprise agreement sets out the company`s obligations to ensure workplace health and safety and provides for appropriate training to ensure employees can perform their jobs safely.


The Manildra Group Enterprise Agreement is an example of a comprehensive agreement that prioritizes employees` welfare. The agreement provides for fair wages and salaries, leave entitlements, standard working hours, regular performance reviews, and workplace health and safety. These are essential provisions that ensure the company`s success and employees` satisfaction, and well-being.

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